Soon I will fire my kiln with this year's production.

April 8 to September 25


The Frank Nievergelt Collection at Museum ARIANA at Geneve, Switzerland

Uwe Loellmann's works are well represented in this collection

April 8-10, Showing my works at Ceramic Art London.


16. November
The new catalog with the best works of 2015 is now available

5. October
Exhibition at Giroussens, France - Ceramics for the japanese tea ceremony -

19. August
new works in my studio

23. July

Firing the kiln for 7 days and nights

May 9th

Since I am back froem the London show at CAL I enjoy working in my studio. A lot of pots are filling the storage room waiting for the fire process.

The piece is almost finished after a week of work

I like to work on large scales over a few days. This work will be for the next firing.

Improvisation on the wheel

2015! Happy new year for everybody!

December 28th snow is covering the landscape and the garden, pots got a natural snow glaze. Hope it will stay for a while. The studio is cold at the moment, no work with clay. The first days of the new year are a time to relax, to think about the past year and to make plans for the near future.


December 14th
The new cataloge is now ready for send out.

July 2014, making large work for the next firing in August

3.- 6. April
Ceramic Art London 2014
The Royal College of Art, London

22. February until 22. March 2014
Kunsthandel Klefisch, Cologne

Ubierring 35

Soon my new catalog will be printed. My favorite works are shown in this publication on 36 pages.


In summer we had a very good firing with the new works. A lot of ash deposite and wonderful colors were done by the 7 day firing.

Ceramic Art London 2013
The Royal College of Art, London



This week the new catalog about work of 2012 arrived. Look at my web uweloellmann.de
There I also have images of new tea ceramics and other new pieces.

07. July

New woks for the firing in summer.

This year again I will show my work at London. The exhibition is at the Royal College right at Hyde Park, a very nice location. I will show work which is presented in my new catalog.

24.- 26. February 2012
Ceramic Art London 2012
The Royal College of Art, London



10. January

Tea Ceramics
28 pages, 21x21cm

This year again I have published a new catalog about my outstanding tea ceramics. Most work is available.
Please order catalog by e-mail.


22. January

It is the third time to show my work at London. The exhibition is at the Royal College right at Hyde Park, a very nice location. I will show new work which is presented in my new catalog.

26.- 28. February 2010
Ceramic Art London 2010
The Royal College of Art, London


9. January

I started the year with a lot of cleaning: the studio, show room, garden. It seems to be a preparation for the next working period with clay.


12. December

The new work is fired and I got some very good results. Those new shapes are about 60cm high. I will make a catalog about the new pieces. More about the work and the new catalog at my homepage. www.uweloellmann.de.

22. SeptemberToday I finished the loading of my kiln. Tomorrow morning we will start the one week firing, I am very excited because a lot of totaly new type of works I have made during this summer. Well, in a few weeks you might see some pictures on this site.

London, Tate Modern, where Cordula's cusine Domonique Gonzales-Foerster had her installation with huge sculptures in the large turbin hall.

28. February
Ceramic Art London 2009

A few days at London for the CAL where I showed my best works. 

15. February

I met Mariko and Yuchiko at a workshop in USA a few years ago. Now we met again at Mashiko. They took me arround and we spent a nice time together. We visited Shirobe Kobayashi, who works near Mashiko. Mariko and Yuchiko with Shirobe in front of his smallest anagama kiln. Shirobe Kobayashi is making powerful works.

14. February

My son Valentin also visited Japan at the same time. We came to Hamada's museum to see his workshop. Even he died long ago we still can feel the strong energy at this place where Hamada worked for many years.

Exhibition at 21-21 in Tokyo. Ernst Gamperl, Lucy Rie and Jennifer Lee in a show made by Tadao Ando and Issey Miyake. The modern show room was built byTadao Ando, also the set up of the exhibition. It was a nice experience to meet my friend Ernst here at Tokyo and to be a guest at the opening with all those special people.

13. February

Jun Isezaki, his son Koichiro and the apprentices after work in the wonderful studio.

First I visited Jun Isezaki to bring him one of the tea bowls he made at my studio last year. Here he is looking at the shape and the texture of firing. 

10. February

A short trip to Japan. I visit Jun Isezaki, a show in Tokio and meet friends in Mashiko.


 September 13th

At the opening at Heidelberg Heidelberg
Jeff Shapiro, Jun Isezaki and Uwe Loellmann

Jun Isezaki is throwing some tea bowls at my studio. Jeff Shapiro is watching the trimming of tea bowls.

August 28th

September 7th the three men show at  Gallery Heller in Heidelberg will start. Jun Isezaki, Jeff Shapiro and I will show works fired in the Anagama Kiln. I am very excited about the chance to show our works together.

My kiln just got fired and some very nice pieces came out.


We are beginnig to prepare the studio and house for our anual home exhibition next weekend. (June 21st and 22nd)

I just came back from Berlin where I had to bring some works to Brusberg Gallery. It was interesting to see my works in this  context between paintings and sculptors of modern art of the 20th century.

June 5th

Since weeks I am working with clay. Throwing a lot of pieces on the wheel and making some very large works. The first week of august we are planing to fire the kiln.

March 6th

Just back from the exhibition at Ceramic Art London. There I was presenting afew of the new tea bowls and tea caddies. It was great to show my work at London, where I met wonderful people.

The new catalogue about the best tea works from 2007 just got published. I hope to make some new good work this year. Tea bowls are easy to make but very difficult to get a real good one. It just needs many years of doing it step by step.

January 3rd

This new tea bowl with blue glass drips belongs into a privat collection. I wonder if I can get one like this piece again some day.